Our twitter has been getting a lot of questions lately. I’d like to remind everyone that we do have a F.A.Qs page so please make sure to read that. ^.^ 

Also small update: We are alive. We realize we haven’t done an update since the giveaway that’s unfortunately because school decided to kick our asses lol. The project is still being worked on but our schooling and jobs are top priorities. Please bear with us a little longer and we’ll give you a much better update in the coming months :D

Thanks to everyone who entered, we will be getting into contact with the winner within the next week or two :)


We’ve reached 1000 followers!! Thank you to everyone for all the support! 

As a thank you for reaching 1000 followers, we’re doing a giveaway! 

1 First place winner will receive: 

  • 11x8 inch poster (choose between Kise, Aomine, or Midorima) 
  • 8 piece keychain set 
  • Thank you note from staff
  • A reserved spot as a beta tester

2 Second place winners will receive:

  • 8 piece keychain set

Rules for entry:

  • Have to be following the blog
  • Reblogs only count
  • One reblog per person
  • Have to be okay with giving out your address once we start messaging winners
  • Shipping will be handled by us, so no worries!

The giveaway is from MARCH 1ST - MARCH 31ST. 


—Kiseki no Romance team

This is a reminder that our F.A.Qs page exists, if you have any questions please go there first before asking questions. 

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Thank you to everyone who applied, we will be getting back to you shortly with the results. 

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Hey there, just doing some game testing. :P

we are looking for CG and coloring help. Please read the application and apply through our sumbit box!

bg by 彩 雅介 

sprite by fuugen

Hello again! We reached 800 Tumblr followers!! Thank you to all of our followers! 

It’s time for an update! This time around we are featuring some more music, brought to you by one of our great musicians Kaitou.

We also have received some asks about our main heroine, so here is a small profile for her. 


Name: Shiratori Miu (Changeable ingame)

Age: 16

Birthday: March 20th (Pisces)

Height: 162cm (5’3”)

Weight: 52kg

Bloody Type: AB

Personality: Miu is generally calm and level-headed, but while she is polite and mindful of others she is always willing to speak her mind should the need arise. Miu is earnest, but can often overthink things, and this can sometimes put her in awkward or difficult situations. She can be shy, but is also occasionally very brash, going to incredible lengths for the sake of her team and her friends. Fiercely devoted to Seirin, Miu adores basketball and always helps the team in every possible way.

Hobbies: When she’s not studying or helping out at practice, Miu enjoys reading. In particular, she likes action and mystery books, but has a soft spot for cute romances. She also loves playing basketball, and often invites her friends to play with her. She also tries to cook but isn’t the best at it, her specialty being rice. Miu finds herself running errands for her mother a lot, and even though it can be tedious she sort of enjoys it at the same time.


Hey! If you’re going to the Birmingham MCM Expo tomorrow (23rd November) at the NEC, look out for me! I’ll be wearing my Seirin T-Shirt and a Fairy Tail bag. If I bump into you, feel free to say hi. I’ll be handing out fliers for Kiseki no Romance too, so if you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask me!

Hello everyone, As of this week we have decided to no longer hold the Saturday Kurobas stream.

We originally started it so we could connect more with fans and generally have fun. Unfortunately there haven’t been many viewers coming to the streams lately, that in combination with our increasing personal life demands have led us to make the decision to cancel all future streams.  

Sorry if this disappoints you. We had fun while it lasted. Thanks to all who showed up and for your continued support. Please look forward to more game information as it comes out. 

~mod duckie

Here to keep you updated on the fanmade Kuroko no Basuke Otome Game Project! We'll be posting progress and screenshots as we continue to develop the game.